Exercise 103 – Alanis Velazquez

I found this image so interesting and unique to related images. This image uses the technique of the Rule of Thirds, the bears are on the third right, looking towards a distance, while the the base of the mountain is on the to third. The bears position and their eye direction could also invite telling a story. The photographer captures the lives of the bears and  intrigues  views with what the bears could be see off in the distance. Furthermore, the photograph also seems to have overlapping layers, with the first layer being the water moving towards the second layer being the landscape, then moving on to the hills, and lastly the mountains. Another interesting characteristic this photo has is the affect the depth of field the photographer decided to use. The water and bears in the front part of  the image is more in focus than the mountains in the background. This makes the bears and body of water seem more like the focus of the composition than the nature background.

Image found on Google images:


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