Exercise 103- Alejandra Hurtado

One compositional technique that this photograph uses is "Diagonal." The thick fallen tree to the left of the photo guides the viewers eye from the mid-left, down to the center, where there is a broken tree. One other technique is "Tell a Story." The photo presents a somber mood due to the broken tree, yet its surrounding of beautiful and vibrant nature brings about a calmness to the scene. The thicker tree to the left guides the eye to the center, and then moves it down to the bottom of the image through the movement of the river. The shutter speed was also slower (possibly 1/30 or slower); this gave the river a blurred effect.

Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nature_photography

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  1. I really like the compositional layout of this picture, and how it does not look overprocessed at all. I’ve taken a fair amount of slow shutter shots, and I’d definitely say this could have been a 2 second exposure by looking at the water. And it still looks sharp overall!

  2. I can also see that the photographer highlighted some parts of the picture so that they stand out more. I think that the trees in the middle have a brighter color than naturally it is, which captures the audience’s eyes in the center of the picture.
    The picture also uses the contrast effect because the river flow are not clear enough for us to see the exact water flow, but in contrast, the background trees look more clear and detailed.

  3. I really like the picture. I believe one of the reasons why the photographer chose to use a slower shutter speed than a faster one is because he wants the image to give a sense of harmonies more than to let the viewer know the water actually move. Also, without the splashes a faster shutter speed would have captured, we are able to admire the trees behind.

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