Exercise 103- Ami Gandhi

This photograph stood out to me because of how it's divided into three sections by the strong diagonal lines that seem to "cut" through the image. The diagonals are created by overlapping layers, with the shore closest to us, and the water below it (and even with the water there are two layers created: one with waves, and one with still water). These layers then frame the main subject in the center-- a boy walking in the water. This tells us a story with the boy as the subject, in the center, with nothing surrounding him, which makes the viewers' eyes naturally drawn there. The birds on the shore and the waves on the top and bottom of the image create a horizontal symmetrical effect-- but with different colors and textures on each side to activate the image and juxtapose each other. Additionally, the texture created on the side of the shore comes from a pattern of birds and rocks laying there.

Image: https://flic.kr/p/9dVPAv

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  1. The photo you chose is really nice, the colors and the angle that the photo was taken makes the photo have an ominous vibe

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