EXERCISE 103 – Analyzing Photos (Denell Jackson-Ontiveros)

I believe that there are a few elements that make this image "good". To start off, this image roughly follows the "Rule of Thirds" which makes this a very appealing composition. I feel like this photo also tells a story and lets the viewer's imagination run wild. The long exposure of the stars creates a a wonderful pattern that draws in the viewer while the rocks also break the circular pattern. This image also has many layers of rock that draws the eye to the background. Overall, I think that image has a very good composition, without over doing it, and is well crafted while keeping the viewer interested.

Link to article featuring photo: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/la-trb-photographer-profile-ken-lee-20141021-story.html

Link to photographer's website: http://www.kenleephotography.com/

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  1. This photo expertly uses that rule of thirds I think. I like that both the stars and the foreground rocks are on the rule of thirds. I l also like that there is a great foreground, middle and background.

  2. the starts in this photo make you wounder how the person taking it made that happen, was it many photos add together or were they masters at Photoshop. either way this photo really shows the skill of the artist for making something so amazing so life like

  3. What caught my eye when seeing this image was the burst of light just below, it adds to the composition of the entire photo. The long exposure to capture the movement of the stars and having the overlapping of the mountains ties it all in together. There is a sense of balance throughout.

  4. Taking quality long exposure shots of stars is definitely a great skill and this photographer did a good job with it. The radial composition of the stars in contrast with with structural rocks makes the image interesting. Additionally, detail in the rocks is not lost due to the photographer’s aperture and exposure settings.

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