I really like this photo because it meets the rule of thirds and captures the very tiny pieces of snow that spreading out by this guy. As the guy jumping from the snow cliff, his eye level and the snowboard's angle get parallel, and it creates the sense of moving forward towards the great view of this images that is right side. Also, the horizontal line that is located behind fulfill the rule of thirds and makes image have a open space in right up.


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  1. I like that picture so much, too. It contains varies of techniques such as the depth of field, the rule of thirds, and so on. Especially, for me, I really like the point of of the sun because it moves my sense of warmth of winter.

  2. I like the picture cause it shown every detail especially the snow which is clearly captured.The sun also helps us to the brightness of the picture which makes the background looks clear. Good photo!

  3. This image does a great job capturing the story of the snowboarder. What they are experiencing is also what the viewer is to. The burst of sunlight shining through highlights each chunk of snow as it’s floating through the air, freezing that moment in time.

  4. i like this image because it was the perfect moment to take a picture with all the snow in the air and him jumping it looks fantastic

  5. This is a perfect rule of thirds picture! The snowboarding person is literally in the edge. The contrast between the blue sky and the snow give us a close up sharpness.The brightness of the snow reflecting the sunlight enhance the dramatic effects of the snowboarding. Last the yellow color of the outfit brings the person to the foreground.

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