Exercise 103 – Angelica Dudley

For this exercise, I chose to research images of nature because I personally find them interesting and calming to look at. I chose this image of mountains because not only is it a beautiful scene, but it also has multiple qualities of a “good” picture. First of all, this image has strong symmetry being that the mountains are overlapping each other. However, in the bottom right corner of the image, you can see a portion of what appears to be the top of a mountain in which the photographer is standing on while taking the picture. Although this area is small in comparison to the rest of the photo, it still breaks the symmetry of the other mountains. Secondly, this image shows overlapping layers by not only the overlapping mountains, but the clouds in between the mountain tops. The presents of the clouds allow for the mountains to appear more separated as opposed to no clouds which would force the mountains to appear closer together. Lastly, one factor that I found was pleasantly unexpected was the lack of brightness I was expecting from a nature picture that appears to have been taken on a sunny day. Most nature pictures that I’ve seen tend to be very bright due to the natural lighting, however, the mountains appear to be on the darker side which makes me believe that the photographer edited the exposer compensation to be lower than the original image. Although I tend to gravitate towards bright nature pictures, I enjoyed the slight dimness the photographer added to this picture.

Here is a link to the above image:


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