Exercise 103 – Angelyne Lukminto

The bamboo forest photo looks interesting to me because it delivers the ambience of the forest really well. The photographer captures this image with a camera that has a small aperture which allows the whole view to be in focus. The camera also has the right white balance set up because the sky's colour is perfectly white. There might be an exposure compensation in this picture as the colour of the bamboo is brighter than its actual colour. This picture is a combination of two basic composition techniques. First, it can be categorized as a 'telling a story' picture because when people are looking at this picture, their eyes unintentionally follow the path between the bamboo forest. This picture also fulfils 'the rule of thirds' where the path ends at the third vertical and horizontal grid.

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  1. I really enjoy the image you have selected. The flow of the path definitely caught my eyes follow it, but also my eyes followed upwards on the bamboo trees and into the exposed light. It also makes great use of the rule of thirds, which allows for a visualization of depth in the forest.

  2. I like photos that are in the telling a story category, and as simple as this photo is it is very pleasing. My eyes follow the path by the trees and bamboo, and make me wander if this will stay a bamboo wall, or will it merge to include more trees? The use of the rule of thirds with the trees is very pleasing on the eyes, and as you mentioned the exposure on the image is nice, as it leads our eyes up into the bright white sky.

  3. I really like this photo because of the way the path’s color is very different from the bamboo. I agree with you that this photo tells a story as my eye was automatically drawn to the end of the path. I’m not sure if the sky is a true true white, to me it appears to have a tint on grey.

  4. Hi Angelyne, I really love this picture! I too chose a nature picture because I find nature to be super fascinating and calming to look at. I actually appreciate the photographer’s choice to change the exposer because it makes the bamboo appear brighter. I was actually drawn more towards the bamboo than the actual path!

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