Exercise 103-Archi135-Mark Anthony White

This photo was taking by Amine May and named it Peek Little Cat. I really like the minimalist approach taken here. Its really three main colors here that compliment each other which a tan, orange and blue. I thought this was a cat in some sand but its actually resting on some type of concrete ledge maybe or building when you zoom in. There is a contrasting them here with the tan concrete and blue sky. The blue sky as the background for the cat really creates a strong focus on it with the centre composition with a low angle positioning of the camera to create a superior proud feel and still cute of the cat. A Camera SM-G930F was used with lens 4.2mm ƒ/1.7 ISO 160.

Here is the link: https://www.pexels.com/photo/peeking-little-cat-3069334/

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  1. This instantly caught my eye because of the color contrast and how minimalist it is but also because of the symmetry. The cat made the picture a lot more amusing because its color balances both the sky and the concrete.

  2. The symmetry of this photo is very interesting as it is perfectly cut in half by the concrete wall and the sky and the cat right in the middle interrupts, framing the photo.

  3. The little cat in the middle seems to be the center of this picture. With the cat as a focal point, this photo can be applied the “Radical” compositional technique. By the way, this minimal photo is impressive in how to use primary colors. I love it

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