Exercise 103 – Audrey Ellen Pukarta

This is a great photograph because it includes a lots of elements of photograph. Firstly we can see a pattern that reflects perfectly from the stack of the bricks. Furthermore, the bricks also be the part of leading line, that is shown from the brick that goes up and lead our eyes to see the center of interest in the image which is the person. Moreover, it is not just a random brick but it also help to shape the image which makes the image looks interesting. The best part is the photo can really reflects the consideration of the view point that is chosen, it is taken from the unique point of view so the viewer will be fastinated to see more of what is outside the brick.

Photograph By Kyawwinhtun 1


Comments (3)

  1. Besides the intriguing point of view, (and I doubt the same thing as the last comment) the refined tone (the constant orange and blue color) of the whole image makes it more impressive as well.

  2. Photo shows utilizes a few techniques here, and its unique shooting angles makes the photo really interesting. Also the color of the bricks and the sky makes a strong comparison.

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