Exercise 103 | Audrey Mae Garcia

Snow Day, a photo of a stag taken by Amanda Cook, features compositional techniques and photography skills that make the image compelling. Cook captured the stag using the "rule of thirds" as he is offset to a third of the image to the right. He is also looking to the left where there is two-thirds of space leaving the viewer wondering what or where he is looking at. This creates a sense of story in the image. Cook also had set her camera to a low setting of aperture so that the stag is the focus of the composition while the background is blurred. The image was also captured during the wintertime as snow can be seen falling. Cook used a fast shutter speed in order to freeze the snow in time. It can also be seen that the stag's fur is frozen in time along with the snow, not just because of the below freezing temperature.


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  1. This picture of a deer has a really nice background because snow is falling, besides that the deer was photographed using the rule of thirds.

  2. Interesting picture which contains a lot of photograph technique. It nailed the formula of rule of third. Detail explanation, which make me look another detail from the picture .

  3. I like this photo because of its composition and because it is a very detailed picture. You can see a very detailed amount of the deer’s fur. The simple background also helps to make the deer the focus of the picture. It’s a great photo which captures the beauty of nature.

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