Exercise 103- Cameron Gaskell

I chose this breathtaking image of Mt. Fuji as photo. The reason why I think this photo works so well is because of perspective, it compares a bridge which is generally considered a large man made object to the mountain dwarfing the structure many times over and bearing down on it from above. It's very hard to capture how large some things are, you can google how tall Mt. Fuji is and know that it's large but to truly understanding how how daunting a task scaling it would be without physically standing at the base is a really tough concept to convey. Another thing to note is that all the colors in the photo work together to provide a very calm atmosphere. The cool blue of the water and misty mountain compliment the warm sunset skyline with the occasional pop of the lights in the town below.


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  1. I love this photo, and the overlapping layers of the man made bridge onto the natural landscape of the mountain is beautiful. The bridge being used for the rule of thirds is very pleasing. This image is very blue, however the top of the mountain where the snow is is still very white. The depth of field being used for this image lets us enjoy the whole picture of man-made next to natural landscape nicely.

  2. Pictures of breathtaking landscapes is so relaxing to me, the picture to me represents that no matter how fast life is moving or how big we think we are, there will always be something bigger, something unfathomable, such as the mountain.

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