Exercise 103 – Cecilia Ip

The photograph captures a moment of the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest with 2 million participants (2/7 of Hong Kong’s population)

Symmetry, radical strong and diagonal are applied to the photograph.

Firstly, strong symmetry dominates the photograph. Also, the image belongs to the radical type. It has a center point on the top of the photo and everything is diverging from the center point which allows the viewer to think that there are more and more people on where the camera cannot capture. Also, the street functions as strong diagonals which could also attract our eyes.

The photograph has a larger depth of field so that almost the whole picture is clear and in focus. 

Here is a link to the photograph: hong kong night 

Comments (3)

  1. This picture looks intriguing in that it has a various colors and objects such as people and architecture. These elements gives the complex impression but it barely looks disorganized. Rather, it looks it has some patterns and rules. Very interesting picture. I also wonder how the photographer captured such a wide scene in a single photograph.

  2. Hey Cecilia,
    Great choice for a photo. It’s an absurd amount of people and a picture will never embody the shock of a crowd that large.

  3. Hi, Cecilia. I like this photo. First, symmetrical composition make it to be compelling. Also, the photo is in cyan and orange tone. Cyan and orange are contrast color in color wheel, which means that it will be asethetic if a photo is in these two color. And by this two color, the photo is like a cyberpunk style work.

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