Exercise 103 – Chak ying wong

This photograph shows the shining island of Tsukishima with balanced exposure. The boat rails are most pleasing as leading lines through the image. It is telling a story and get people to involve in the river tunnel. "Rule of Thirds" is applied. It let's the audience focus on the little bridge between the two sides of the river but also improve the beautiful view of the city. "Overlapping" creates the hierarchy of the city night view and emphasizes how flourishing it is. Slow shutter speed makes the boat rails becomes two splendid color lines.

Comments (4)

  1. This nightly view of the city is stunning because not everyone can see a nightly view of the city from a different perspective. It also has a lot of different colours that are supportive towards each other.

  2. The night view is always the best choose. The good part on this one is that the river and those fancy lights they used on it make this photo more vivid.

  3. No matter what city it is, city view is always beautiful during the night. I really like the composition of the photo. The strong diagonal line between two that two island really brought me through the city.

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