Exercise 103 – Chak Ying Wong

This photo shows one of the railway stations in Chicago. I like this photo so much as it makes me feel calm, it is perfectly symmetrical, and shot from the center of all the buildings. Because of the depth of field of this photo, it pulled viewers into this scene, and makes them feel like standing on the top of the station. The diagonal lines of railway creates a great sight of distance from station to the skyscraper. Also, it is a good view of city, there is a contrast between the red lamplight in the station and the bright grey skyscraper far away.

Link to website: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/626141154412653571

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  1. I agree with you! The photo shows lots of beautiful aspects to it. Including the angle it is being shot, the colors that are shown are very vivid and how the person’s camera setting makes this picture a whole different thing.

  2. I also can feel calm, and perfect symmetrical buildings.I can see really straight line of the trail road. One of the interesting thing is color difference between front builds and behind buildings.

  3. I really like this photo as well. The parallel lines and the symmetrical aspects of the image provide dimension to the photo and lay the scene out linearly. It also brings focus to the skyscraper in the center of the photo. I also like how the lights in the front of the photo give a warm tone to the image as opposed to the more grey tone towards the back of the photo.

  4. I love how this photo is taken in the form of one point perspective, it gives a central focus to the viewers directly. I also love how the photographer photo shop the Trump building in black and white, making it contrast with the surrounding area and it immediately illuminates the street scene as well.

  5. This photo is particularly interesting because it seems to have some political commentary to it. The buildings lining the railroad are tall, dark, and oppressive, nearly blocking the sky, and they frame the Trump Tower in the dead center of the image. I read it negatively, and to me the symmetry is almost unsettling in this image. It’s cool to see how differently people interpret it.

  6. The symmetry of the photo is really pleasing to the eyes. The train rails lead the viewer to the middle of the photo allowing them to see everything around the rails.

  7. I like how the photographer using the one point perspective to stress the structure of the street and create the symmetrical sense. Also the back of the picture tends to blur in black and white, it creates the contrast with the light on the sides of the street, makes this picture more interesting.

  8. I love how at a quick glance, it seems like the photo has perfect symmerty but if you look closer, you can see that their aspects on each side that kind of obstructs that symmetry, creating a sense of balance.

  9. I really enjoy viewing this image. I love how the railway forms the symmetry of the entire photo as well as a path to the Trump Building. With only the Trump Building being black and white successfully create a main focus point.

  10. I really like the picture you picked. It is taken by one point perspective with parallel lines and symmetrical patterns. The orange street light lightens the whole picture, and makes it a good “storytelling” picture.

  11. The picture is symmetrical and I think maybe the author wants to point out the “Trump” at the end of the path. And the lights beside the path are just in the right way.

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