Exercise 103- Danielle Rossi

This photo was taken by an artist who goes by CJ Dangerously Original. It uses the compositional technique of symmetry, with both sides being almost identical. The man on the left breaks the image, and draws the eyes and mind to him. It makes me think where is he going? What  does he do? It also uses the rule of thirds, so the image is very pleasing to the eye. This image has a large depth of field, with almost the entire image being in focus.

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  1. I like the way the photograph uses guide lines to draw the eye down the long corridor which gives the depth of field we experience when we look at the image. The subject is a long corridor and the way this is photographed makes you feel as you’re moving through it as your eye takes it in. Nice selection for discussing technique!

  2. The symmetry in this photo is really striking, and I liked how you pointed out how the man on the left breaks that symmetry. I think he adds more interest to the photo, and I felt myself asking the same questions that you did about where he was going and what he is doing.

  3. The strong diagonal lines in this photo are such a prominent composition technique; they draw the viewers eyes to the center, and are extremely symmetrical as well. The symmetry is broken with the man on the left, making the image “active.”

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