Exercise 103 – David Kim

I thought this picture of explorers from National geographic was particularly interesting and many features and characteristics we talked about were present. Right from looking at the picture you notice the attention to the depth of field. The distance between the boat and the mountain in the background is really muted because of the angle the photo is taken. The picture also has a blueish tint background color, which is from the use of white balance to adjust the neutral colors. The mountain gives off a nice symmetry with the body of water to give it a nice mirroring image. The main style incorporated is the rule of third. The photo chooses to position the focal points in a way to create a strong composition for the mountain in the background and as well for the people on the boat as well.

This photo of explorers is from National Geographic and can be found here: https://www.expeditions.com/why-us/our-fleet/national-geographic-explorer/overview/

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  1. This is a very beautiful picture, and I see lots of work the photographer added on the original picture. For example, all the objects such as people, mountain, water and etc look clear. The colors are stressed and highlighted. I also see the clear reflection of the mountain on the water surface, which gives out the impression of how silent and peaceful there.

  2. This photo immediately captured my attention with the reflection of the snow covered mountains and the black portion of the water showing depth. The people in my opinion are obstructing this beautiful natural scene. The clarity is outstanding, a bit of white light, and possibly contrasting in colors. Beautiful photo.

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