Exercise 103 -Emily Esperias

The picture that I chose shows a bird called the Quetzal. The image shows the photographer using the technique "Rule of three," with the Quetzal located on the right side lower corner. The image can as well be described as it using the technique "telling a story," with the Quetzal watching at a distance to the left. The photo as well shows a little bit of depth of field, making the audience attention focus on the Quetzal.

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  1. Great example of the concepts illustrated in lecture! The bird and the branch both break the symmetry in their 1/3 positions. The focus on the rough texture of the branch bark is really interesting, too

  2. I love the colors of the bird in this picture! I think the vibrancy of this image may have been adjusted in photoshop to help contrast the red chest of the Quetzal with its surrounding environment.

  3. Wow, the color and the textures are a visual feast. The branch also provides a strong diagonal line. I like the fact that the bird and the branch are in focus as they both provide so much visual interest.

  4. The vibrant colors of the Quetzal are truly eye catching! The rule of thirds is undoubtedly present in the photo at the bottom right of where the bird sits on the branch.

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