Exercise 103 – Evgeny Antonov

I chose this particular photo of the Iceland mountain because of how many factors it contains in itself. First thing that I noticed is that there is no depth of field which means that everything is in focus. Second is the Shutter Speed, we can see it on the waves to the right and the clouds above the mountain, I would assume that it takes 1/50 second. I also feel like on the left we see decreased exposure, so we would pay more attention to the mountains and to the purple sky. The mountain is in the center so there is no rule of thirds attached to this photo, but by looking at the ocean we can see how the mountain is reflecting itself which makes the viewer have more points of interest to look at. To conclude, I chose this image not only because of how many elements of photography it has but also how visually interesting and satisfying it is. The funny part is, that it actually kind of reminds me of the Macbook night background.


And here is the link to the photos that I have taken in the city, there are not all of them because of COVID not everything is working and not everyone want's to be taken on camera. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14KS2TFfKax4WyfwXgSv7sS-bcPwJkEN9?usp=sharing

By Evgeny Antonov

UX/UI Designer, 18 years old, from Russia.

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