Exercise 103- Hanzala Ahmadzai

This photo shows the interior of the Heydar Aliyev cultural center by Zaha Hadid. This photo shows the viewer a story by pointing at the stairs and leading upstairs to what could be there, making the lighter area upstairs, the center of attention. However, unlike the depth of field technique, the main attraction is not heavily focused nor are other attractions blurred out. The story could be a mystery whether we viewers believe it to be a way out or in or what could it be hiding upstairs. This technique engages the viewer to travel by the stairs and to see what's up there. We see that there is movement through this photo by using curiosity.


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  1. This photo looks great, I love how, like you said, it leads your eyes to look up the stairs to the lighter area. I also appreciate how someone is in the picture breaking up the white that is in this photo, without the person the white would be overwhelming and it gives a size reference to the tunnel as well.

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