Exercise 103-Hari Deevi

Photographed is a herd of reindeer in Sweden who are traveling north, led by reindeer herders who use rivers and lakes to navigate the route. The image uses positive and negative space to contrast between the white snow and the darkly colored reindeer pulling through the snow. There is a definite division between the subject and the background, but the snow on the reindeer's back slightly blurs this division and blends the subject properly in the background while preserving prominence. The reindeer are placed in the lower third of the image, following the Rule of Thirds and further accentuating positive and negative space. There is also a sense of repetition in the herd of reindeer with their antlers and their feet which further strengthens their presence as the subject. Overall, this is a pleasing image to look at due to the contrast of the colors and subject matter.


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