Exercise 103 – Jacqueline Alpas

I've always been drawn to unexplainable nature, especially when it's shown in the sky. This incredible picture that I found has a lot of colors all throughout the entire image with the contrast of the dark rocks. I feel that it almost tells a story where the water and sky share a similarity with their vast open spaces and the land is acting as the separation, as well as a guide. It directs your eye to where you should look in the picture with its faint converging lines on the outer edges of the land, guiding you to look towards the lightest and brightest part of the image. The colors also play a part in directing where to look with the cooler and darker colors on the outside of the picture, and then gradually getting lighter and warmer towards the center.


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  1. This is a beautiful image. I love how it is split into two distinct horizontal sections but somehow they balance each other out nicely!

  2. This picture is great! I am such a big fan of sunsets and those “cotton candy” skies. But I really like how it is reflecting on the water.

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