Exercise 103- Jason Trejo

I chose this photo from National Geographic because of its ethereal quality and color. The subject is placed on the Rule of Thirds grid and slightly off center. The light behind the subject also radiates towards all edges of the photo that lead the eye to the foreground. The obvious foreground includes the silhouettes of the flora that contrast very well against the light in the background. The photo also has a subtle vignette that makes the viewer feel like they are also underwater. With all of this in mind, it seems that the photo is also telling a story of the subject who may be a fisherman.

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  1. Hi Jason,
    This is a beautiful photograph and it does look ethereal with the sun shining agains the person on the boat making them look powerful and intriguing. The photo follows the rule of thirds nicely and plays with interesting symmetry with the ring of sky shown curving from the top corners down to the center of the frame.

  2. hi jason,
    everything about this ethereal photography is so ethereal. the water, the plants inside the water, the color of the water, the edge of the sun which made the subject look dynamic.

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