Exercise-103, Jiayang Tan

It is a photo of the inside environment and decoration of the living room of a villa which I really appreciate and love. Simplicity is the design theme of this villa, which we can know form the decorations and furnishings in the photos. The villa is located in an area of abandoned cement factories and it was designed and built based on an abandoned concrete building so we can still see the concrete walls which had been retained the original features. Meanwhile wood is also the main building material. The living room retains the roughness of the concrete ceiling, the floor extends the organic texture of the oak, and the walls are enclosed in adobe of the designer's own design.

   Generally, in my point of view, symmetry is mainly used for this picture, which as we can see in the picture that the furniture is arranged symmetrically, while the Windows and tables form an axis of symmetry. But the material of the two sofas which are arranged symmetrically is different. The one on the left hand has a smooth exterior with a neat shape one on the right side is made in cloth with an Irregular shape, which creates a contrast between texture and vision. Meanwhile, the furniture and the plant close to the window broke the symmetry which made the photo more active in vision. What’s more, the light comes from the window and shines on the sofa make de to make the photos have more depth. And because the sofa and the table the light shined on has a smooth exterior and black color so that had formed strong light sensation and became the visual center of the picture.


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  1. This is an interesting living room. I like how the furniture pieces came together even though the sofa and the puff have different materials. very simple and nice.

  2. Hello Jiayang,

    I like how this photograph incorporates a large depth of field, and therefore makes use of a small aperture. The photographer must have also used a slow shutter speed in order to let enough light from the dimly-lit room into the small aperture.

    – Joe

  3. I like how the lighting in the photo is coming from that one window and some light from the sides. I think natural lighting is always a good way to tell a story in photos.

  4. Definitely has that Symmetric feel to it and a little bit of Radial. Gives off that relaxing vibe.

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