EXERCISE 103 – Jiazheng Zhao

Moon Hill, China


I like this photo of Moon Hill very much. It makes good use of more than one composition technique.

1.Rule of Thirds

The subject of Moon Hill is on the left and upper third of the entire photo. (Yellow lines)

The nearby trees are on the lower and right third of the entire photo. (Red lines)

2.Overlapping Layers

There are three levels of short-range, medium-range and long-range in the photo. This not only enriches the content of the photos and brings a sense of hierarchy, but also highlights the magnificence of the Moon Hill scenery behind.


The sunlight behind the mountain radiates upwards to form rays of sunlight. At the same time, there is a gap on the left side of the nearby trees. Both of which can lead our sights to the main body of the photo - Moon Hill.


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  1. Hi Jiazheng, I really admire the way you used visual examples to explain the compositional techniques! The photographer chose the perfect time to take these pictures, and I also think they might’ve used some type of bracketing edit as well because of how well lit it looks.

  2. Wow! The visual examples are so great! They are simple but make all your points super clear. I wouldn’t have seen the rule of thirds without your visual examples. I think some techniques also to consider that the photographer may have used is the small aperture to get a large clear picture (depth of field). Also bracketing because the sky and mountain and forest are all bright he/she probably took multiple photos with different exposures.

  3. Hi, your explanation of the techniques applied in this photo is detailed. I really like the radial effect of sunlight projecting out from the top of the bridge; this gives this photo an upward/lifting effect for the bright mood. The entire photo looks like a paradise to me. If I would add one more point, I would say the sky (sunlight and clouds) is the fourth layer. Without this layer, this photo will lose its power. Additionally, the mountain at the right upper corner above the trees, although it is just shown a very small portion, has a very unique effect in my opinion – to illustrate the height of this place.

  4. I really enjoy how you went out of your way to clearly explain the details of this photo using visual cues. I probably wouldn’t have appreciated this photo as much if you didn’t explain it so thank you! That aside, I really like how the sunlight shines upwards behind the mountain as It makes the mountain stand out even more.

  5. Awesome visual examples to portray the different composition techniques used here! I may be wrong but I’m not sure radial composition is at play here.

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