Exercise 103-Jihyun Lee(Jinny)

This is an image of "Marble Caves" by Clane Gessel. It has several interesting points. It includes diverse compositional techniques such as symmetry, radial, and Rule of Thirds. The cave is reflected its figure in the water. With this reflection, this image shows symmetry figure clearly. The entrance of the cave shows radial image with an appropriate shading technique. Additionally, there is Rule of Thirds as well. The image can be divided vertically and horizontally in 3 parts for each.

The image is not focusing on only one part of the cave, so the depth of of field is not that deep. The image captures the flow of the water which shows that the shutter speed of the image is pretty fast. The image focuses on overall figure of the cave, but the image does not miss the details of the figure.

This image is an interesting example and the best example for photographic techniques. It includes many details of the figure, but it shows the overall image of the figure as well.

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  1. Great job analyzing the photo. I love this image, textures along the stone walls and different colors that are brought out by it are striking. I also really enjoy the smoothness of the water.

  2. I think this photo is very beautiful, I love how the marble caves of Patagonia inverted reflection in water .The marble cave has different carves on it.

  3. The water gives a beautiful sense of a glass floor along with the way that the cave’s formations reflect off of the surface’s subtle ripples. The marble’s natural layers give a wonderful flow to themselves with their curves and shapes as well.

  4. I love how the water in the cave creates a glass-like floor that the formations of the cave can reflect onto, giving a smooth and fragile sense with its subtle ripples. The natural way that the layers along with the curvature and shapes in the formation also create a nice flow is very beautiful.

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