Exercise 103 – Jose Lopez

Mountains, a lake and a forest are all presented in this beautiful scenic landscape picture. It is a highly detailed picture, it is not focus on a particular object so the whole picture contains a lot of detail. One can see the great detail in the tiny rocks below and in the clarity of the water, one can even see the detail through ridges shown in the mountains that are way far back in the image. The photograph seems to be taken at sunrise so the lighting seems to make a great contrast between the top of the mountain where there is more light and the bottom of it where it is darker. The reflection of the trees in the water is also very detailed and beautiful. This photograph seems to have a great depth of field that shows the vast scenery found in this location. The image is centered on the mountain and the lake and portrays the landscape in a great way. This image also has layers, with the rocks and the water at the front, the trees behind, the mountain behind it and then the sky. Overall the image tries to convey a peaceful and beautiful scene and successfully manages to do so through its good use of techniques.

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