Exercise 103 – Joseph Voelker – Early Morning in Dublin, Ireland

This shot is in 1920XP according to google image. I believe that the focus that this lens brings to the image captures the feeling well. It looks like an early morning shot of a Pub on a corner in Dublin, Ireland. This picture gives off a cold, damp, and windy feel and easily places you in the photographer's shoes. It feels like the photographer is emphasizing the orange and green in this image and ultimately leads to the national flag of Ireland. The red of the bricks in this photo gives off an orange glow and there are different shades of greens that are emphasized throughout. The national flag of Ireland is one of the only flags that are still from the flow of the wind and is easily identifiable. I believe that the photographer used the Rule of Thirds in order to take this shot and used the orange and greens in this photo to emphasize the colors of the national flag of Ireland to tell a story. The glow of the lights emphasizes the early morning lighting that contrasts with the light of the sky behind their glow. This is a beautiful image.

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