Exercise 103 – Kelly Eng

This is one of my favorite photos and it was taken by one of my friends. The composition is great and the photographer took this picture at the perfect moment. This photo is a great example of symmetry and rule of thirds. The Porsche and the starting point of the fireworks line up almost perfectly in the center. With the car in the foreground and intersecting with the bottom line of the rule of thirds guide, the eye is drawn there then out because of the streaks of the fireworks acting as leading lines. The photographer must have used a fast shutter speed and a relatively high aperture/ f stop to keep both the car and fireworks in focus.


Comments (2)

  1. I’m obsessed with this photo. The colors are great, and the whole sense of motion, the way the arrow directs the eye. It all works so well!

  2. Really like this photo, between the centered car and fireworks, it really draws one in! I like how the car is the focal point with the fireworks radiating out behind it. Also agree that the photographer had to use a fast shutter speed to get such great lighting and clarity of the fireworks.

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