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I chose this specific picture because as you look at this picture it seems clean and very vibrant. The author Max Rinaldi is known for capturing the essence of macro pictures. This subject, i.e. the bird, gives off cool and active energy. One thing that I first noticed was that this picture was a macro picture. The background is blurred out so that the main focus is in the spotlight. The photographer was able to get up so close that we can see the water particles. I would also say that this photograph fits in with the rule of thirds as the main focal point of the picture which is the bird seems be drifted to the right a tiny bit. According to the website where this picture is from, there is a story behind these types of birds. This photo shows the Kingfisher in mid air trying to catch the little fish. These birds spend their time catching these types of fish in the water. There is not a huge depth of field in this picture because the two main focal points are within reach of each other. I can say that when this photographer took this picture, there was natural light which may have been adjusted just a tad to make the picture more clearer. At last I think that there was a type of speed that the photographer used to catch this beautiful moment. To be able to freeze and moment like this, is very hard but with the right camera anything is possible.


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  1. OMG, this photo looks awesome! I think the photographer’s technique is quite powerful. He should have used close-range photography, and the target only focused on the picture of hummingbird catching fish, so we can see every water drop and the bird clearly. The background is blurred because the focus of the camera is on the hummingbird, so the background becomes blurred. Because the photographer just wanted to highlight hummingbirds

  2. This picture is so cool. Using the technique, the depth of field, made the bird stand out pretty well and the clarity of the water drops shows the fierce movement. I guess if the weather is sunnier, there would be some color in the water drops from the refraction.

  3. I love both the intensity and the clarity of this photo. I imagine a really fast shutter speed is required to capture the wings of a moving hummingbird in this amount of detail. The colors in the photo are very spectacular and really make you appreciate nature.

  4. Wow, this photo is amazing. First of all, putting aside the layout of the photos, it is very lucky to have the opportunity to photograph such a scene of bird fishing. This photo should be taken with a high-speed shutter, because almost every small splash of water and the bird’s high-speed flapping wings were taken very clearly. And also used a very large aperture to shoot the depth of field effect, because in the photo, except for the nearby birds, fish and water splashes, all behind them are highly blurred and it is difficult to distinguish what they are.

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