Exercise 103-Landscape Image-Jacob Kentner

Beautiful image of a cottage in the mountains. The photographer did a fantastic job following the rule of thirds in a few different ways; the cottage is roughly centered on the left third of the photo, with the base of the cottage at 1/3 above the bottom of the image. The mountains in the background align 1/3 from the top of the image with the mountians in the middle ground aligning 1/3 from the right of the image. This allows for a nice flow throughout the image drawing the eye through the various elements.

The mountain in the middle ground sets a strong diagonal focal point on the image, practically cutting the image in half though the diagonal motion.

There are heavy overlapping layers in the image as well. The cottage is in the foreground at a third. There is a mountain slop in the middle ground. Then there is the back mountain slop the is roughly at the upper and right side third regions.


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