Exercise 103 – Leonardo Alvin Halim

This picture was taken during Mt. Bromo eruption, the horse seems a little agitated due to the sound of the eruption.

This amazing photograph has some compositional techniques such as telling a story and rule of thirds. When we look at the photograph, it seems like we tend to explore the mountain range. The rule of thirds apply because of the horse is located on the one third of the right side of the picture. This picture has a high depth of field and low shutter speed. The picture seems clear even the background and the clouds on the back is clearly seen.

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  1. It’s very interesting how the photograph is showing the different levels of the surface. The person looking can see where the horse is standing, where the eruption is coming from, and where the other volcanoes are located. The photograph looks fascinating.

  2. I think the composition of this photograph is very neat since it uses the techniques of rule of thirds and I also like how the photographer uses a low shutter speed mode to capture the movement of the horse and the volcano smog at the back. All of the elements make the photograph very energetic and interesting.

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