Exercise 103~ Letty Serujo

This black panther, a combination of a jaguar and a leopard from Africa and Asia image stood out with it's natural beauty.  This animal has an intimidating natural stance, typical of larger cats.  Usually, yellow with distinctive patterns of black "rosette" spots.  In this image the panthers muscular body and it's intimidating  yellow eyes; ready to run towards you and pounce caught my attention.  I was particularly captured by his pitch black color and amber eyes.  I also like the lightly sprinkled snow on it's back.  While all these elements in this photo are really intriguing; it seems the photographer changed the aperture to create a bright and crystal clear photo.  The shutter was also altered to create a blurred background.  The rule of thirds was used, not really seeing much of the and background of where this panther is coming from. Framing was also a key component when photographing the object; again dismissing the background fading away in a haze. The most intriguing part of this photograph to immediately attract the viewers in my opinion are the bright eyes and the ebony colored body drawing the viewers attention to a rich image.


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I returned to school a year ago, after running my own interior design business for over 25 years. I decided to work towards my credentials in Architecture design, which feels like a natural progression. I enjoy meeting new people who are passionate and have similar interests. My ambition is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Architecture design. I would like to work for a firm where I can learn as much as I can in residential, small commercial, and possibly landscape architectural design.

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