Exercise 103 Lindiwe Msimang

Underwater by David Doubilet

This image really captured my eye because of the vibrance of colors in it. It seems so simple and has a flow to it, where the water ends the land begins then we move to the trees, but going further right on the image the land seems to disappear slowly and smoothly till it seems as if the trees emerge straight from the water. There is so much light from the water, the sky has a little less light to it. There is more focus on this image (depth of field). I think the photographer used a small amount of aperture, or let me just say a small lens.

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  1. I think just from a technical aspect, this shot is incredibly hard to capture. I believe the underwater half is brighter because an external flash was used; for underwater photography they are almost always used. I love how it was taken right at the surface, and the green shoreline is still present in the back.

  2. This is a very cool picture, the photographer in my opinion played with the aperture quite a bit. The colors are beyond natural colors but it works in this shot. I love the angle of the photograph as well, it’s shows the movement of the water.

  3. I love this image, a good choice!
    it has a great composition, I love the juxtaposition of the water and land and how they are placed opposite, of when we take a picture of the ocean. The saturation of blues is exciting yet so relaxing.

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