Exercise 103 – Loel Quevedo

This photo was taken by Kalmer Lehepuu in Estonia. What makes this photo stand out to me is its simplicity in displaying nature and the attractive factor it has with the adorable animal. This photo utilizes two composition techniques that include depth of field and the rule of thirds. The first notable composition technique is depth of field, which is achieved by heavily blurring the background in order to emphasize what is closer in terms of perspective. This brings the animal and the grass around it into the main focus. The second composition technique—rule of thirds—places the animal on the left third line of the photo. This allows for a broader perspective of the nature around the animal, allow for the eyes to veer away from the kitten and flow from right to left.

Link to the photo (it is 15th on the list):


By Loel Quevedo

Majoring in Architectural Design

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  1. It almost looks like the animal is looking somewhere else to the right and not directly into the camera with one eye. ..almost

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