Exercise 103-Mari Kubota

What makes this picture exceptional is the effective usage of light under the water and the complex yet beautiful looking curve of the wave. I see two types of waves contrasted on the right and left sides each. The right one looks still and drawing the curve from the center to the right, which looks silent. However, in contrast, the left wave looks like having more complicated physics in there and it gives off a more active impression. It looks like the surfer just jumped into the sea. Also, the color of those waves looks vibrant. Considering those waves on the right and left side, and also the surfer in the center, this picture has 'Rule of Thirds.'

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  1. It is a great picture! There is so much movement that it does look very vivid you are right. The colors are very uniform, it conveys cooler temperature and so much movement. The main focus in the foreground.

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