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There were countless mesmerizing photographs, however this one captured my attention the most. Paolo De Faveri captured this image at the heart of Alpi Marittime natural park in Piedmont, Italy. Throughout the image, the photographer used multiple techniques to help make the landscape shine in all aspects. He incorporates “telling a story” as it lures the viewer into looking at different focal points in the image. He also uses the technique “overlapping layers.” The viewer first sees the stream of water and the small red flowers to the right, then the eye wanders to the trees and at last the mountains that are barely visible behind the trees masked by the clouds. Paolo utilizes a long shutter speed due to how the water is smoothed out and a large depth of field as majority of the image is in focus.  


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  1. This photo is absolutely gorgeous. I was captivated by how this imagine looked so vibrant that it appears to resemble a painting rather than a photograph. I agree with you in that the eyes main focal point is the water as that was the first place my eyes went. Next I focused on the sky. The contrast between light and dark is my favorite.

  2. The water definitely drew me in to this photo to begin with, the long shutter speed makes it look very foggy and mysterious, which I think is a major element in this photo. I also agree that it “tells a story” with the variety of focal points at different levels of the image, that takes you on a trip through the scene. It also tells a story through what it doesn’t show, as we only get to see a little bit of each part, but it makes you want to see what else is out there.

  3. Breathtaking image! It has an etherial aesthetic and mood from the lighting and colors. Lots of variety of shapes throughout the image mostly a repetition of triangular shapes. The main focus is the soft flowing water using a slow shutter speed maybe about 10 secs with the use of a neutral density filter to stop down the amount of light taken in by the camera.

  4. This photo is amazing. The river almost looks like a river of fog rather than water which makes it so mesmerizing.

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