Exercise 103 (Marina Rusakova)

I think this image is perfect because we see excellent thoughtful composition. The photographer used in the photo several compositional techniques, such us: symmetry, radial, and overlapping layers. The composition of the photo is constructed in such way that the building is in the center, and since the building has symmetrical structure this reflects a symmetrical technique. Image capture beautiful building, and some techniques are typical for building architecture. For example, structures of roof domes and shape of framing  have rounded shape that corresponds radial technique. Also, this domes are repeated at different levels that corresponds for overlapping layers techniques. For this image is also inherent framing that makes the photo multi-level and more interesting. The photo was made at the sunset that allows us to highlight or darken elements of building with help of soft light.

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  1. This photo grasped my attention too! The symmetry used in this photo is indeed thoughtful and beautiful. I agree that aside from the symmetry, it also used the technique of overlapping layers and radial vibes. Good!

  2. This is a beautiful picture, I love how you described the building. It is perfectly framed and I enjoy that the frame of the building is the same shape of the domed building itself. I think you did a great job describing the photo.

  3. Your analysis is incredibly insightful. The way you established a relationship between the photo’s composition with the nature of the architecture itself is very perceptive. This shows a deep understanding of both composition and architecture.

  4. The symmetry of the picture is awesome. The lighting that enter the photo is a bit dark but it helps to shape the detailed of the building. Your explanation is so detail. I love it.

  5. The way that the photographer captured the essence of this phenomenal structure is incredible. By taking the image from an enclosed space, it frames it perfectly while keeping the overlapping of every piece to this structure. Very beautiful.

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