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Image Source: https://artofcreativephotography.com/photography-book-reviews/vivian-maier-street-photographer/

This is a photo taken by Vivian Maier. What makes this photo good is the story telling about 4 women standing and waiting in line for something but the interesting thing is they are wearing similar long coats and composed looking down in the same direction which is relative to the compositional context of the image as whole. There is repetition going on with the 4 women, lines, and rectangles repeating itself in the image also the 4 women are implied shapes as rectangular subjects relative to the rectangle shapes of the cement wall behind them. Diagonal lines are a major part of the composition making the image very active with energy. The subjects are also framed using the light blocked off by the triangle shadow to the left. The main subjects are mostly centered in the image implying a radial composition as the center focus. The image was likely shot with a deep depth of field and a fast shutter speed.

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  1. Hello Mark!
    Really great photo, I like the contrast between dark and light. Photo definitely has elements of a radial composition.

  2. I love this picture. I think the whole backstory behind this picture adds quality to the photo, it makes you feel something. I also really enjoy the play on lighting that the photographer used. All the women are in that spotlight and your attention is drawn to them immediately.

  3. Hi Mark!
    Great description and image. I agree, the fact that the image is telling a story is so important and adds a lot to it. I also think the way the lighting is harsh and the shadows are right behind them on the wall makes it more visually stimulating.

  4. This is a really good phot, and I love the use of black and white. It focuses our attention on women going to work, and sends a powerful message.

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