Exercise 103- Mary Pinpin

Flavors page: http://marypinpin.flavors.me/

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  1. Mustafa Abdulateef

    Very nice job, i think for more profile improvement you just need to distribute your personal info to the middle of your page 🙂 this is the only note i found that you can work on more may be! 🙂 other wise everything else look perfectly done 🙂 good job!

  2. Beside great background photo, there are many good content on the left side of the poster. you built many links and show clear information about self.

  3. You got a really nice background, but i have to say you need some more improvement in your layout. Your background is too strong so that your personal info is hiding.

  4. I really like the background image, it immediately draws my eye. The information on the side seems a little squished, however. Perhaps having it in a larger box or in a different format would help.

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