Exercise 103- Olivia Du

The photograph which I selected is Morning Routine, which was taken by a female photographer Eglė Laurinavičė. The two boys in the picture are her sons. The boy in the front was very weak after he got flu and took his pillow with him when his was in the bathroom, and the little one came in to the frame when she wanted to capture this moment. I love this portrait because it offers a vivid scene which clearly shows the contrast of dynamic and static on this two boys by controlling the shutter speed. Additionally, it is a good example which uses "rule of thirds".


Comments (4)

  1. Good use of the rule of thirds and shutter speed, showing the differences in activity levels between the two boys: one weak with illness, the other hyper with joy. Great photo.

  2. I thought this photo used the rule of thirds really good and uniquely. The angle in which the photo is shot at doesn’t make the boy who is sick the whole story, but contrasts the mood of the photo with the boy’s little brother in the background having joy. I like how even if there wasn’t a description one would be able to convey stories and ideas about the photo and it’s contrasting moods.

  3. I like your photograph choise. Children always look intersting on photos, as their emotions are real. Although rule of thirds make any picture look good, but there is more here to the composition. Very strong contrast between foreground and background.

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