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I like this image because even though the building is the focus I am not overwhelmed with its beauty because the panorama eases the eyes. This is an intense photo, but it gives me a feeling of calmness, or quiet. I can see the dividing lines between the stair two stair cases, and a middle horizontal line. The reflection of the building in the water practices a top and bottom symmetry, along either left and right symmetry. The light of the building and sunset bounces nicely off the clouds in the darkness and works well with the lighter areas on the curve of the stairs. The white building looks very crisp in the purple sky.  The clouds remind me of untouched nature, and freedom in a very organized setting.

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  1. I like how perfectly centered the lotus temple is in the image. Also I really appreciate the fact that you focused on the reflection pools and how they emphasize on the symmetry of the structure . I only wish though that you talked about the contrast between the white lotus temple, and the darker background.

  2. There is a perfect symmetry on this picture. The picture might be used with panorama. There is nice background behind the building.

  3. The symmetry is the main focus of this image; it almost seems like only half the image was taken and then mirrored in Photoshop or some post-processing software. The whiteness of the building stands our strong against the dark blue and purple sky.

  4. This is a very nice image! That make me focuse on the reflection pools and how they emphasize on the symmetry of the structure .

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