Exercise 103 -Photography (Jesus Alvarez)

Lauren Pierre took this picture of a growing flower in a garden. She captured the vibrant colors of the plant which presents an eye catching photo for viewers. The image shows that there is focus of the plant and the rest behind it is blurred, so this photo could have possibly been taken in portrait mode. The blurred background helps to emphasize the plant more and the bold bright colors pop out. This picture perhaps tells a story about natures growth and beauty showing how even though the actual flower hasn't evolved fully yet, within the growth there is still beauty. Although the object in the picture is centered, it is balanced from both sides which helps to read the photo better.

Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150925054@N07/34871982395/in/photolist-V8w2rM-9Bbxoj-8BjA2b-amx8Mp-nQBkBZ-iUTtXM-aHXXJz-pqrzK3-bDxALc-bc4oPe-91cXT5-9JCXoJ-dsti1u-e2AvUT-9D81Uf-8XKxZi-drWLrV-aCLgbu-b9qpik-931aQY-mE3thD-5sCgjG-auSrjD-bHZHJp-a9RN3v-9ntczB-8BwAEZ-bDxAPV-896yNk-na87Nj-XRXKT7-WAEtXX-beKtdK-ayf3oS-2aetvox-ahseL8-aauGXw-26Rx5NZ-aUJtqe-8VHRk3-athS7D-bscupa-bTFrsR-aqRq46-7mj5B2-7yhxBj-88vsCp-8cza4C-7btGwu-8YjTFr

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