Exercise 103 – Quin Sales-Lee


This photo is considered a classic of fashion photography. Richard Avedon (the photographer) used the symmetry of Carmen, the model, to break the photo into two sides, but her outstretched legs create a break from her straight torso, and she appears to hover in midair, adding movement. Her eyes are right on the line of the top third of the photo, and the bottom of the buildings in the bottom third. The photo was clearly shot using a fast shutter speed, and a narrow depth of field. Even the nearby curb seems to fade away quickly, and the buildings in the background are mere suggestions of architecture. The photo adds a playful element by having the model holding an open umbrella--it suggests the model might keep alight as she hops confidently from the sidewalk.


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  1. Hi Quin,
    I really like the photo you have chosen to analyze. The model creates nice symmetry which the architecture in the background breaks by being most dominant on the right side of the frame. The architecture also lines up nicely in accordance with the rule of thirds.

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