Exercise 103 – Rebeka Trujillo

This photograph appeals to me because of its multi-layered perspective. It depicts people's daily lives in this city in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. In this shot, the church tower adds an appropriate demonstration of the rule of thirds. The vibrancy of the colors distributed around the cityscape, as well as the moving elements are what bring the picture to life. I also observed that the lens had a slower shutter speed, which is what gave the car lights a streaky appearance.

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  1. I really like how the cars are depicted with the streaky appearance as it shows that life is always moving and the slow shutter speed was a perfect choice. The church was placed appropriately for the rule of thirds and it shows how big it is compared to the buildings near by.

  2. I really like how the church was placed for the rule of 3’s because it makes it the main focal point, but I also like how the photographer really makes the observer go “into” the city and explore as if you were there. The roads naturally draw you in the town and you can feel and almost hear the busy streets.

  3. I really like this picture because it is so colorful and the buildings/houses are so vibrant. The rule of thirds is very apparent and works!

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