Exercise 103 – Sabeel Abboushi

In this image, symmetry through the still water is used very effectively to further beautify the scenery. There isn't any depth of field because the image is so clear in all parts. The shutter speed seems very fast as the water looks rather still. There is also contrast in lighting as the bright rays of the sun almost create a silhouette of the mountains in the middle ground. It follows the rule of thirds, there is a unique segment that appears in each part of the image. I would say this image is underexposed because there is so much light in the sky yet the mountains remain dark and crisp.

Here is a link to the image:


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  1. This is a very calming picture. I like how the dock and the canoes are breaking the symmetry in this image. This picture is composed using few composition techniques. It is using the ‘overlapping layers’, ‘symmetry’, ‘diagonal’, and ‘rule of thirds’ techniques.

  2. Hi Sabeel, let me tell you that is a great image you chose. I agree with you the photographer used several techniques the rule of thirds, and, in my opinion, overlapping layers as well. I am fascinated with the stillness of the water which makes it look calm or as a mirror. Thank you for sharing such a great picture.

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