Exercise 103 – Sagano Bamboo Forest – Holland Seropian

I enjoy the image's use of symmetry and the way that the staircase creates an interesting pathway for the eye to naturally follow as it studies the photo. The Woman at the focal point of the image provides an interesting contrast to her surroundings with her colorful kimono and her placement in the center of the composition provides an interesting dynamic between the tall bamboo. The natural form of the bamboo also provides a sense of vertical movement, as she is moving up the stairs, the bamboo shoots up into the sky around her. I would also say that in a sense the image provides overlapping layers as it seems to condense within the image as you move towards the center, with the bamboo forest being a layer, the stair case railing being another, and the steps themselves as the center layer further accentuating the emphasis of the photo.

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  1. What a beautiful photograph of such a scenic sight! The symmetry and complementary colors make this picture feel as if the viewer is on the trail, following the person within the picture.

  2. Your picture capture my eyes due to its horizontal and vertical symmetry, such as steps, bamboo. It tell the story about a person who walks upstairs in the center of the image. Where is she going? What is she doing in there? Colors compliment each other. This picture creates a mood, makes me to really jump inside it.

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