Exercise 103 – Sharon Lopez

I chose this picture since to me, it is not only beautiful but also tells a story by itself. This picture clearly shows that the compositional technique is the rule of thirds and overlapping layers. It looks like it was taken early in the morning, and I’m guessing that it was taken with shutter speed 1/50. The use of all of these techniques made an exceptional picture for this website. It brought the beauty of the place and makes you want to visit the place.

Enclose you'll find the link for you to visit the website https://www.nationalgeographicexpeditions.eu/

By SharonSharon on Twitter

Hi, I’m Sharon, and I am an Architectural Design student. Since little, I’ve enjoyed creating living spaces look great. After dedicating many years to raise my children, I decided to return to school. I am eager to learn about this wonderful career and make my family proud.

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  1. It’s so cool that beautiful buildings blend in with nature. In particular, it is surprising that the shape of the clouds and the mountain behind the river were clearly taken.

  2. The overlapping layers technique definitely represented really well in this picture. Lighting is the key in this picture, but I think this photo is taken in the afternoon.

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