Exercise 103 Silvia Hoessl

This very popular shot must have enticed so many people to take a visit to the Italian Riviera.

The diagonal composition is great in this picture, it guides your eye from one corner to the other. It combines three great elements, air, land, and sea.

A JPeg file, loaded with color, is a panoramic view, so most of the grounds are in focus. It must have been taken with fast shutter speed. What makes this image so special I think is the burst of color in the middle without being so overwhelming, since there is green and blue at opposite sides, which creates resting support to the eyes.

Comments (4)

  1. The different colors of the building really blends in the ocean. It gives the viewers the calmness feeling when they see this kind of picture.

  2. I love the colors in this image. The bright buildings make for a clearly defined compositional center that contrast nicely with the surrounding hills, sky and ocean.

  3. Beautiful setting. The buildings have a water colored look to them, so it makes me wonder if color was added to the buildings using Photoshop, or some other program. Regardless, it does make you want to visit!

  4. I really like this photo that all elements including the color of ocean and the hills have light colors and they are also very colorful. I would like to visit this place in the future!

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