Exercise 103- Skylar Ramer

"Once Upon A Time" in Vogue was a collection of photography collaborating with fashion and fantasy. The picture I chose from this series is "Tweedledum and Tweedledee", referencing to the story of "Alice in Wonderland". The composition of this photo is symmetrical, the background is the ideally the same on both sides, however the two male twins and the woman break the symmetry. There seems to be a rule of thirds where the focal points are the eyes of the subjects, which are lined up to stare at one another, and the other focal point being their fashionable clothing. The exposure of light is brightest around the boldly colored figures than the rest of the surrounding nature scene. I suspect that the shutter speed is quick due to how fast models and photographer must move and capture each pose in photoshoots. The technique with using a depth of field is present due to the slightly blurred background. Overall this photo is beautiful and fashion is an amazing source to look into for photography!

There are more pictures from this collection that are just as beautiful from other fairytales, check them out!


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