Exercise 103- Sophia Di Mauro

I find this photo to be exceptionally good due to the many compositional techniques the photographer used to draw the viewer in. For example this image displays a rule of thirds where the homes of Santorini aren’t in the center but leaning to the right of the photo as the rest of the oceanic landscape draws us in. The lighting was also played with as the photo gives off a vibrant mood and leaves one curiously looking throughout the rest of the photo , starting from the beginning of the santorini homes, eventually gazing around to the ocean area then back down. It looks as though the camera was set to a higher exposure as everything in the photo seems very bright and positive. I’m also guessing shutter speed was set slower to allow more light into the photo in order to capture the whole landscape but still make the ocean a focal point of the photo as well. I wouldn’t really say there's much depth of field but one could say there is since the Santorini homes are drawn in closer to us than the ocean in the background is, giving the photo more depth.

Photo Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zeeyolqpictures/38894885315/in/photolist-22g1sjX-26YGhAr-23RyMUs-6aJgzS-22NYLkD-cWVAXu-9yX3Nv-dH5Gyz-hPrPXN-dKAf5Z-dhgfVj-9XSYHL-nQtA3j-oTGKCt-nQtKxF-9xT7qY-9zLyeF-qA663g-nZ7RVc-9yreoy-pHZzju-8ByJFw-nQum6X-pPxNsq-dCHiJj-bGXeP6-dXTiMy-axrP2L-HmjuzP-6dEk3Q-24iQ4Yg-bpMawY-qPzCMV-z5di3g-ZjsYaq-97XgEj-bq2qUe-nQutnR-oz4imQ-bAPkNq-925aNN-2dUQvR7-nQtSX9-8Jjua9-nV3zoZ-DTsGf3-9fD6qP-2cVV6X6-27zbBz1-28zqzrD

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